ENISA’s Head of Core Operations today at the final of the Austrian Cybersecurity Challenge

ENISA’s Head of Core Operations, Steve Purser, visits the final of the Austrian Cybersecurity Challenge, which is being held in St. Johann, Austria today.

Quelle: www.enisa.europa.eu

This competition started with an online qualifying round held from, 9th May - 31st August, resulting in the twenty finalists, ten school students, ten undergraduate students, that compete at the final this week. The five best from each group will form the team that will represent Austria at the European Cyber Security Challenge 2016 final that will take place in Dusseldorf between 7th -10th November 2016.

The European Cyber Security Challenge leverages on competitions from Member States, like the one currently taking place at Austria, adding a pan-European layer to them.

Top cyber talents from each Member State collaborate and compete against each other to win the ECSC prize. Contestants solve security related challenges from domains such as web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics and collect points for solving them.