Faulty software more damaging than cyber attacks

The vast majority of significant electronic systems failures in Europe are caused by faulty software and botched repair jobs, rather than deliberate cyber attacks, according to a report by the EU’s computer systems watchdog published yesterday (20 August).

Quelle: www.euractiv.com vom 21.08.13

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) –which provides security expertise to the EU – said national regulators reported 79 incidents severe outages of electronic communication networks or services during 2012.

Of the 79 significant incidents reported by 18 countries, three-quarters were the result of “systems failures” (75 % of the incidents).

These were mainly down to hardware failures, software bugs and overloaded electricity cables. Nevertheless there were also outages resulting from disruption caused by copper thieves, according to ENISA.

Only eight of the 79 incidents involved intentional cyber attacks, caused by malicious actions.

Durchaus ein Hinweis, dass wir uns manchmal vor den falschen Dingen fürchten ... nichts desto trotz auch darauf, dass eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung unverzichtbar ist!