Remote control of smart meters: friend or foe?

With the current push for massive installment of smart meters as well as a continuous development of their capabilities, it is only a question of time before the infrastructure is attacked.

Quelle: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Die Studie ist zwar schon 2 Jahre alt, bestätigt leider aber die bisherigen Einschätzungen zu diesem Thema.

Smart meters are replacing the traditional electrical utility meters, offering new functionalities such as remote reading, automatic error reporting, and the possibility for remote shutoff. This last feature is studied in this paper through two scenarios where the effects are outlined, both on a theoretical level and through a simulation. In the first scenario, the frequency property of the grid is the target to possibly cause a blackout. In the second scenario, the voltage is driven out of bounds by the adversary.

Damit wird einmal mehr vor der gefährlichen Fernabschaltfunktion ("Breaker") gewarnt.