Awareness is not enough

says EU Commissioner Kroes days before introducing EU Cybersecurity Strategy

Last year, the World Economic Forum was a wake-up call for many of us:

The WEF affirmed that in the next 10 years there is a 10% likelihood of a major Critical Information Infrastructure breakdown with possible economic damages of over $250 billion. Incidents and attacks are on the rise.

Quelle: vm 24.01.13



The big message was that cybersecurity is a matter that cannot be left to the technical people. It is a matter for board levels.

The WEF Principles and Guidelines on Partnering for Cyber Resilience that a number of leaders have signed are a very important step in that direction.  

Awareness is not enough. What is required is investment and action. The public sector to provide incentives to companies to invest more in security and to be transparent regarding threats and incidents.