"DHS: Industrial control systems subject to 200 attacks in 2012"

A DHS report released last week revealed that industrial control systems, which are used to monitor and control critical infrastructure facilities, were hit with 198 documented cyberattacks in 2012, and that many of these attacks were serious.

Quelle: Homeland Security News Wire vom 14.01.13

Forty percent of those attacks were on energy firms, according to the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), which reviewed every incident. Water utilities came in second, with 15 percent of the attacks focused on them.

Und es ist wohl davon auszugehen, dass die Dunkelziffer weit höher liegt.

Researchers and security professionals have focused for nearly a decade now on threats and attacks on industrial control systems and infrastructure, but little has been done to protect these systems.

So lange nichts passiert, wird auch nicht viel passieren ...