ENISA: "Education-the first step to cyber security"


This report, ‘Collaborative Solutions For Network Information Security in Education’explores ways in which educators can get full use out of information technologies, while promoting and providing education on the importance of network information security.

Quelle: European Network and information Security Agency (ENISA) vom 10.12.12

Target Audience

This report is aimed at educators, defined as trainers, teachers, peers involved in formal education and non-formal education, including life-long learning.


Report outline
The report consists of three parts:
* The results of the survey and consultations,
* The ENISA recommendations from 2012 deliverables and
* Three case studies from Member States (Austria, Luxembourg and Denmark).


Education-the first step to cyber security
Finally, in the report, we recommend to start with digital education as a first step for understanding Network and Information Security (NIS).