"Critical infrastructure systems should never have moved online, warn security experts"

UK businesses linked to critical infrastructure areas have opened themselves up to cyber attacks by prematurely moving key systems online, according to prominent security experts. (...)

"Whether it's smart meters or embedded Scada systems, because of convenience and cost savings we're just saying we're going to connect it to the internet because we can't afford to put a man there." (...) 

"There is only so long you can ignore the canary. I think we've seen a lot of things over the last 24 months that should be a wake-up call for us around critical infrastructure,"  


Quelle: V3.co.uk vom 30.11.12

"If you look at the number of research demonstrating attacks against embedded systems as one interesting data point, what it tells us is most embedded systems are not built with security in mind, they're built with productivity in mind." 

Mit steigendem Umfang der Vernetzung erhöht sich die Komplexität und die Verwundbarkeit - das ist kein Geheimnis, wird aber immer wieder missachtet.