"Advice for secure computing: start over"

"His biggest contribution is to stress the 'systems' nature of the security and reliability problems," said Steven M. Bellovin, chief technology officer of the Federal Trade Commission. "That is, trouble occurs not because of one failure, but because of the way many different pieces interact."

Quelle: Chinadaily.com vom 11.11.12

"Most of the folks who are responsible don't want to hear about complexity," Dr. Neumann said. "They are interested in quick and dirty solutions."

Today, computer security is a multibillion-dollar industry, though one of dubious competence. Dr. Neumann reasons that the only workable and complete solution to the computer security crisis is to study the past half century's research, pick out the best ideas and then build something new from the bottom up.

But Dr. Neumann notes that biological systems have multiple immune systems - not only are there initial barriers, but a second system consisting of sentinels like T cells can detect and eliminate intruders and then remember them to provide protection in the future.

Die Systemgestaltung - ein unausweichliches Thema wenn man mit "The Dark Side of Connectivity" zurecht kommen möchte. Mehr dazu demnächst unter "Die Netzwerkgesellschaft und Krisenmanagement 2.0".