Komplexe Schadenslagen und die gesellschaftliche Resilienz

This means the duration of the power outages will be much longer than usual. It is almost certain that millions of people will be without power due to the storm, but what many people don't fully realize is that these power outages could last for weeks.

Quelle: naturalnews.com vom 28.10.12

 Ein sehr interessanter und treffender Blogbeitrag anlässlich des Hurrikan Sandy in den USA.

Hurricane Sandy is a survival drill for the unprepared masses

One thing I LIKE about this bizarre weather event is that it's serving as a relatively gentle survival drill for the masses. This hurricane and its wrath are nothing compared to what we could be facing in other, far worse scenarios such as:
• Detonation of a high-altitude nuclear weapon that unleashes an EMP wave which destroys the power grid.
• Power grid failures leading to nuclear meltdowns among North American power plants.
• A nuclear attack by a rogue nation such as North Korea.
• A massive solar flare that wipes out the U.S. power grid.
• A civil war or some sort of massive social unrest across the USA.
• A large rock from space crashing into the planet, unleashing a global mega tidal wave over a thousand feet high.
• The unleashing of the massive Yellowstone caldera (volcano) which would block sunlight for 1-2 years and crash the global food supply.
• A global agricultural catastrophe set off by GMO pollution causing an unforeseen food crop failure.
• The unleashing of a viral bioweapon designed to kill 90 percent of the global population.

These scenarios are far worse than anything this Frankenstorm hurricane could bring our way, and yet most people aren't even prepared for a hurricane. It makes you wonder just how many people would make it through a serious, long-term power grid failure. I think that number is only about 10 percent of the current population.

That's an alarming thought, considering that a super-charged solar flare strikes our planet every century or so. That event, which could happen without warning, would bring modern civilization to its knees and very likely unleash a wave of global nuclear meltdowns as well (because all the nuclear reactor cooling pumps and backup generators would be fried).

It kind of puts Hurricane Sandy into perspective, doesn't it?

Trust me, this hurricane superstorm is nothing compared to what we're going to be facing in the future. Let this storm be a reminder, however, that we must always stay prepared for the unexpected.

Einige Medien identifizierten vorschnell die "schlechte Infrastruktur" in den USA als Grund für die schweren Schäden, insbesondere bei der Strominfrastruktur. Leicht wird dabei übersehen, dass wir uns in Europa glücklich schätzen dürfen, solche Extremwetterereignisse bisher nicht zu kennen. Auf der anderen Seite stellt sich die Frage, ob die Privatisierung unserer Kritischen Infrastruktur und hier insbesondere der Strominfrastruktur nicht auch langfristig zu einer Verringerung der Robustheit führen wird. Insgesamt ist aber auch in Europa und in Österreich der Großteil der Bevölkerung nicht auf derart schwere Ausfälle der Primärinfrastruktur vorbereitet - wozu auch, sie stand ja bisher auch immer zur Verfügung.